A Guide to Faster, Proper Recovery from a Dental Implant Procedure

A dental implant is one of the best solutions to missing or damaged teeth. Not only does it improve the aesthetics of your teeth, but it also deals with speech difficulties and improves your chewing process. A dental implant, however, requires surgery. Therefore, like any other surgery, you need time to recover.

The time required for recovery all depends on how you take care of yourself after the surgery. Keep these tips in mind for faster healing.

Listen to Your Dentist

For a successful treatment, follow the directions of your dentist. Get lots of rest and take the medications prescribed to you. Double-check the dosage and make sure that you follow the prescription. You should also discuss the entire procedure with your Temecula dentist, including what to expect during and after the dental implant, so that you can make preparations.

A Guide to Faster, Proper Recovery from a Dental Implant Procedure

Be Careful of What You Eat

Since your gums are still sensitive due to the surgery, you need to watch what you put inside your mouth. Nutritious foods are good for your overall health, but make sure that they are not hard to chew.

During the first couple of weeks, you may want to stick with liquids and soft foods, such as pasta, yogurt, gelatin, steamed vegetables, and applesauce. These will help avoid wear and tear to your new implants. You should also avoid extremely hot or cold foods, as well as hard snacks like nuts, chips, and candy.

Follow Good Dental Habits

Especially now that an open wound exists in your gums, proper dental hygiene is essential. Continue brushing and flossing daily, but be gentle around the affected area. Go for a toothbrush with a softer bristle and avoid using your teeth as a tool to open a bag of chips or other items. You should not clench your jaw or grind your teeth because this can damage the implants.

Dental implants need time to heal, as your Temecula dentist will attest. Failing to take care of yourself after your surgery will only prolong your recovery period. If you see any signs of problems, such as too much pain or bleeding, do not ignore them. Contact your dentist immediately to get back on the road to recovery.


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