Periodontal Treatment in Temecula: Understanding Good and Bad Bacteria

The mouth is full of bacteria. Even after you brush and floss your teeth, bacteria will still be there. Fortunately, not all of them are bad.

Good bacteria are defined as bacteria that benefit health. Actually, most bacteria are good bacteria. Comparatively speaking, of the total bacteria in the body, 85 percent can be considered good, while only 15 can be called bad.  As for the bad bacteria that dwell in the mouth, there are two general types—gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria.

  • Gram-positive bacteria (those that do not have a fatty exterior layer) are the ones that cause dental plaque and weaken teeth, which can lead to cavities and accelerated tooth decay.
  • Gram-negative bacteria (those that contain a fatty outer layer) prefers to make their home under the gum line. Gram-negative bacteria produce smelly gas and are the source of bad breath.

The Human Mouth is Full of Bacteria that Can Either Be Good or Bad
Conversely, good bacteria in your mouth can help you avoid dental diseases. Good bacteria regulate effects of bacteria, which makes them pretty useful considering you can never really remove bacteria from your mouth completely. As long as your mouth is filled with good bacteria, you can fight of oral disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Additionally, good bacteria help in digestion because the start breaking down food as you eat them. Your Temecula dentist recommends that you eat foods rich in probiotics regularly so that you will always have plenty of good bacteria in your mouth. Probiotic-rich foods include soft cheeses, yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut, and dark chocolate. You can also try taking a supplement for your probiotic needs.

Now that you know that your mouth is filled with good and bacteria, then you should understand that killing all the bacteria in your mouth can have a negative effect, as you will also eradicate the bacteria that control the more offensive mouth bacteria. So how do you fight bad bacteria while encouraging good bacteria to flourish? Here’s what you need to do

  • Brush twice daily
  • Floss every day
  • Don’t overuse antibacterial mouthwashes
  • Eat healthy foods and keep junk food intake to a minimum
  • Have your tooth cleaned by a Temecula periodontal treatment specialist at least twice a year to get rid of bad bacterial colonies hiding in tartar and plaque.

To learn more about what you can do to keep good and bad bacteria in your mouth balanced, consult a Temecula periodontal treatment dentist who will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Mouth Bacteria: Friend Or Foe? (You Might Be Surprised!),