Dental Implants

As time passes, technology just gets better and better. This is true in the electronics market, but it’s even more true for dentistry. Throughout the span of history, dentists have gone from hand carving wooden dentures to developing cheap, removable prosthetics to designing fixed dental bridges. In recent years, however, aspiring oral surgeons have taken restorative dentistry one step further with an exciting invention: dental implants.

The dental implant has revolutionized the field of restorative dentistry because it has offered dental patients the ability to replace single missing teeth in a minimally invasive way. Its versatility means that its discovery has pioneered a new type of dental bridge that works even better than the previous version. What this means is that Temecula, CA, dentists from K. Pat Brown, DDS, Inc. like dentists across the nation, are excited about dental implants – and you should be too!

Why Should I Get a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are an attractive choice because of the unique way in which they function. First of all, unlike modern alternatives like dentures, dental implants are fixable, they are designed to be long-term solutions and they have a projected lifespan of 30-plus years, with the prosthetic tooth replacement lasting as much as 10-15 years. The procedure is designed so that you don’t even notice the difference — once the implant is completed, you should retain full functionality without ever having to pause and adjust the piece yourself.

But wait, you might be thinking if you’re familiar with restorative dentistry; what about dental bridges? After all, as the name so clearly designates, fixed bridges are permanent fixtures in the mouth, too. Why choose dental implants when a time-proven solution already exists?

Well, dentists would say, it’s because dental implants manage to transcend the main flaw of the dental bridge and that is the invasive nature of the procedure. To fully anchor a fixed bridge, the teeth neighboring the gap (called the abutment teeth) have to be carefully shaved thinner to accommodate a new, artificial dental crown even though these teeth might be completely healthy.

With dental implants in Hemet or Temecula, though, dentists can place an implant without even touching the other teeth in the mouth. The minimally invasive installation technique and the permanence of the fixture together make dental implants one of the best procedures you could pick if you ever need to replace a missing tooth.

What Is The Dental Implant Procedure Like?

The magic of dental implants lies in the installation procedure, so knowing how the whole process works can help you understand why it may be so crucial.

Like with many other restorative dentistry procedures, dental implant installation begins with a preparatory phase in which the base of the implant is physically placed in the mouth. We like to use porcelain and composite materials a lot in dentistry, which is why the makeup of this base might be surprising at first: it’s made from titanium! During the first step of the dental implant procedure, a small titanium rod is implanted directly into the jawbone. Made to resemble a tooth root, this piece of titanium will in the future support the actual prosthetic.

After the surgery, the dentist will allow the area to heal on its own, and that’s where the unique properties of titanium come in. Doctors and dentists have discovered that titanium metal can fuse to bone in a few short months, meaning that the dental implant will be physically attached to your mouth when the whole procedure is completed. This results in the most organic type of prosthetic — it resembles a real tooth in every way and just happens to be created from metal and porcelain.

Finally, when the titanium has healed, the dentist will fit a dental crown (a tooth-shaped cap) to the rod as the actual prosthetic. The resulting dental implant should both act and look like a real tooth–no one will even notice a difference!

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a tooth replaced, you want a cosmetic dentist enhance the look of your teeth, or you need a periodontal treatment, don’t hesitate to call your dentist and ask for a dental implant! You can always contact the dentists at K. Pat Brown, DDS, for more information about our services or to set up an appointment. Just call us at (951) 695-6269 or visit our Contact page to set up a time to visit our office today!