Three Quick Ways to Allay Fear and Agony when Seeing Your Dentist

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your anxiety when visiting the dentist. In fact, half of the adults in the country fear visits to the dentist—to the point of even putting off their appointments. While such anxiety is common, you shouldn’t let it hinder you from receiving the oral care you need. Failure to schedule regular checkups can result in serious oral issues that can affect your overall health.

There are simple ways to conquer your fear with the help of your Temecula dentist.

Learn to Trust

Your relationship with your dentist should be a partnership built on trust, allowing you to easily communicate your fears so that your dentist can help you overcome them. You can start by opening up and being honest about your concerns.

Three Quick Ways to Allay Fear and Agony when Seeing Your Dentist

Don’t be ashamed to admit that you’re nervous about the treatment. Dentists are trained in making patients relax. They also know techniques to handle this anxiety. You don’t have to feign courage. Your dentist can suggest a strategy that can put you at genuine ease in the dentist’s chair.

Embrace New Technology

The dental profession has come a long way in terms of tackling fears and anxieties. They can suggest a range of pharmaceutical options to ease your anxiety. These include nitrous oxide, general or green anesthesia, and sedatives.

There are modern processes—laser energy and a water spray for patients who are uncomfortable with the screech and vibration of a drill—that lessen any agony. Discuss the different options with your dentist in Temecula and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Treat it Like a Spa

Just the sight of a dental office can make some patients want to turn their backs and go home. However, you can address this by treating the experience as if you’re in a spa or any other relaxing place. Bring items that can calm you down, including a stress ball, a music player with a favorite playlist, or a heated neck wrap. You can also try applying lavender or chamomile essential oils to your temples and pulse points to help your body relax.

These tips might sound simple, but they can be effective in helping you get through your appointment, which you should never miss. Remember that a regular checkup doesn’t just protect your oral health, but can also prevent diseases stemming from dental issues that aren’t addressed immediately.


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